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Shri Mahaveer Pashu Seva Kendra

A home for all animals
Shri Mahaveer Pashu Seva Kendra was started in the year 2000 and was formerly known as Foundation for Animals. Its mission is to provide protection to animals which would otherwise be killed either by the Municipal Authorities or die due to some injuries. All injured animals and birds which come to their notice are taken in for treatment and after they are completely healed left in the open to live freely.

Saving Animals

Save animals, save nature. We rescue street animals, provide medical care and sanctuary, and help turn community compassion into action.

Medical Care

We Care For Animals lending healing touch to injured and sick animals

Food & Nutrition

Animals don't have a voice, so I think it is our job to give them one.


We conduct tours to share the stories of the animals we rescue, educate about the problems animals face and the different ways to help.

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We Are Their Voice


​It was started by Uma Devi, an animal lover who happened to be a lawyer by profession. She couldn’t see the killing of Stray Dogs by Municipality and hence decided to do open a shelter for dogs with the help of the District Collector in the 5 acres land allotted where they can be kept safe and can live a life without any kind of fear. 

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In 2008, Indira Jain (Current President) went to the facility to leave an injured cow there. Looking at Uma Devi’s love for the animals inspired Indira Jain to play an active role in the organisation. She then took the reins in her hands and started working towards the development of the facility so that animals could be better taken care of.

 A new Hospital was established within the Facility with 1 doctor and 4 assistants. Clean Drinking water facility was also provided which improved the well being of the animals. A new Gaushala (Cow shelter) was also established within the facility to take care of injured & Stranded cows, Buffaloes. Special arrangements were made for Pigeons & Rabbits so that they feel like they are in their natural surroundings.

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The facility is managed by 15 people who take care of everything right from cleaning to feeding the animals. The monthly expenses of the entire facility come to around Rs 4 Lakhs and all of this comes from Philanthropists from different cities. Apart from taking in all the injured birds & animals Shri Mahaveer Pashu Seva Kendra also does family planning for the stray dogs of Nellore District to keep their population in check. 

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Address: Kallurpalli Survey No. 66, Nellore Rural, SPSR Nellore Dist., (A.P)

Phone: 9392474648, 7989568929

Email: mahaveerpashuseva@gmail.com


Shri Mahaveer Pashu Seva Kendra

A home for all animals



Kallurpalli Survey No. 66, Nellore Rural, SPSR Nellore Dist., (A.P)